Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just a quick update because even though we are up to our necks in packed boxes, there is much more to go:

  • The new MOPS year has started! I'm loving being a Discussion Group Leader so far. My table had our first moms' only get together last night for brownies a la mode and we had a great time bonding. Just a couple of weeks ago, I also joined the Steering Committee as the Service Care Coordinator.
  • We're starting to move on Monday. My mom and sister are coming up to help with Mason and we've had many offers of help from friends with trucks, so we're ready and just want to get it over with and enjoy our new home. I would move tomorrow if I could. And no, I don't think I'll miss this old house much. We've created our memories and are moving on to bigger and better for our family.
  • This past Sunday, our pastor announced the Adopt an Apache program from the pulpit. The response was overwhelming and our new program is FULL! We have just over 20 families that are ready to love on our college players. Dash and I both are so emotional. We've shed tears, smiled, laughed, hugged and rejoiced many times. We feel beyond blessed to know that we are being obedient to God and are anxious to see how He transforms lives through Adopt an Apache.

my new power tool

the best housewarming present EVER from my great friend, Paula - huge box full of paper towels, toilet paper, ziplocs, paper plates and bowls, plastic silverware and more...

... and more! If you have a friend moving, I highly recommend this gift. I've been able to pack up almost our entire kitchen instead of having to wait until the last minute. Such a timely, useful and thoughtful present! Did you notice the dishwasher soap? That is my favorite part.

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