Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dogs and Beer

Hot dogs and beer, that is. Friday night, we went to the Astros game - a first for Shae. Between the spilled sodas at our feet, the nose bleed seats, and the Astros losing - Shae got a great feel for a typical 'Stros game.

Saturday we were able to show Sammie and Debi the model home of our home and our lot. Cooper also got to mark his territory on the lot (and the neighbors!).

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Aggie Built

We had our pre-construction meeting with our builder yesterday. Turns out our builder, Billy, is an Aggie. Built by an Aggie for two Aggies. (Insert Aggie joke here) Everything is going well...though the Houston floods have pushed back our start date to next week. Good news - our house is on a 60-day build schedule - so we could be in by the end of September (Houston weather permitting)! At the end of our meeting, the builder asked if we had any questions and Dash and I starred at him blankly - only because I didn't want to intimidate him with my vast knowledge of trusses, soffit, framing, and my carpentry skills (I am still determined to build Dash a dining/kitchen table). Hopefully we can post photos next week of our soon to be poured foundation and the beginning of the framing process.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

T Bar M Travels

Our meeting place

Dash and I went back to our meeting place to celebrate with T Bar M 25 years of impacting childrens' lives for the Lord. It was a great time to reminisce about the good 'ole carefree days as T Bar M coaches with some of our friends and family. We traveled to New Braunfels with Aaron and Ashley Mobley and met up with Jared Hamilton there. Jared was a brave man to share one hotel room with two newlywed couples!
An update from the homefront: the Parkers took Cooper to his 2nd Puppy class and he is now sitting on command! He has drastically improved since he started the class. We have seen very little of his double personality 'possessed' look since then.
Here are some pics:
Ruth Connell and John
Jared Hamilton, Ashley and Aaron Mobley, and us

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Problem Child

After being diagnosed with an "attitude problem", we quickly enrolled our puppy Cooper in Puppy Classes at our local Petsmart. He is already making progress after just one class. Having this puppy has given Dash and I a small taste of what having kids will be like. Good luck to the Parkers this coming weekend as they sub in as Cooper's (and Maddy's) parents while we go play at T Bar M.

House Start Date

We got the official construction start date - July 24th! Photos will be posted as the construction progresses.

Last week, Dash and I spent 4 hours with a Design Consultant to pick out all the specs on our house, from big things like tile and appliances, to small details like grout color. We had so much fun and stayed under the budget we had set for ourselves. Dash even gets surround sound for our living room! We upgraded some things like bathroom fixtures and changed our countertops from granite to a type of Corian. It will be so great to see our choices coming together over the next few months!