Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Jumpstart in June

June started out with a bang for Shae...I sold three homes in one weekend! This is a huge blessing for Dash and I, especially after some dirty tricks from my partner last week - lying and stealing a sale. Welcome to the for-profit world I guess. But I am still loving my new company and my job, though I still have some lessons to learn.

Yesterday was a great day-cation for me after my busy work weekend. We had a girls day at Galveston, that included a cooler full of....pimento cheese sandwiches, chilled orange slices, and Dr. Pepper. Perfect. My mom, two sisters, and I spent a few hours in the Texas sun and shared many laughs, sweet teas, and frozen custards. I had a blast!

This past weekend was also the funeral for my aunt Karen. Karen married my mom's brother a few years back. She had suffered a cerebral aneurysm a few weeks ago and did not pull through after fighting for a week. Please pray for her husband, Richard. He is left alone and had to make the decision on her life. I cannot even imagine how hard that must be. Please pray for the healing process for the Pennington family and for comfort for Richard.

Please also pray for Dash as he is making preparations for his Florida trip and for some great bonding with his sophomore guys. I hope everyone else is having a blessed June!