Thursday, April 17, 2008

This may seem out of the blue for some of y'all:

Shae is being considering for a communications position at her company's corporate headquarters, which could prove to be God sent if she gets it. After her phone interview today, the VP of Marketing asked that she talk to her current boss tomorrow and Shae has a formal interview on Monday. Please pray for her as she prepares to talk to her boss and also pray for this new position. Maybe we can go to John's 3rd birthday party after all! Things will be happening fast so thanks for your prayers! We will keep you updated!
-Dash and Shae

Monday, April 14, 2008

My husband, a hero

I can now sleep better at night knowing Dash is by my side to protect me.

A fight broke out between some male students while Dash was observing classes at the high school near us this morning. Dash helped break up the fight and then supervised two of the 'hoodlums' (in handcuffs) in the office. Oddly, the school staff kept telling Dash "Welcome to Cy-Springs High School", like fights were everyday occurrences. Maybe I should offer to let him borrow my pepper spray.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa!

We celebrated Shae's Grandpa's 80th birthday last Saturday night with seafood, sharing memories, cake, and great family times! Since Grandpa has no clue how to use a computer or e-mail, he will never read this, but it was great to catch up with our cousins, Courtney, Jason, and his beautiful wife Kaori. Grandpa Pennington is a strong willed man with a sweet heart and a great love for his family. We hope to celebrate quite a few more birthdays with him!

Friday, April 4, 2008


So we have been really sick this week. It all started with an innocent trip to Chili's in Katy a week ago with some of Shae's coworkers for some delicious margaritas and a combo appetizer platter of their Southwestern egg rolls, boneless buffalo wings, and chicken crisper's. Let's just say the egg rolls sure did not taste as good coming up (the 1st or 4th-5th time). We both agreed it was the sickest we have ever felt. Shae has been out of commission until today - her first day back at work, and Dash is finally feeling 100%...and enjoying another day without work thanks to the rain!

Hope everyone else's April started out better than ours. Well, at least it can only get better for us!