Friday, September 19, 2008

Junior Update

Things looked great yesterday. Our boy is about the size of your palm now and is looking more like a newborn each time we get a glimpse of him. All his tests and my tests have come back perfect. Our next appointment will be in a month at 22 weeks and Junior will get a very thorough check-over. Also, we get to find our if HE is a boy or girl. This made me laugh when my doctor said this ... but we'll make sure nothing has changed. Almost half way there!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Aftermath of Hurricane Ike

We survived Hurricane Ike with relatively no damage. However, the storm was just the beginning of the story for many Houstonians. Our home was without power for 60 hours but luckily Dash's parents never lost electricity. We spent two nights there and came home to a fridge and freezer of bad food. Conquering the grocery store took some creativity with shelves empty of many staples. Dash has been back at work since Tuesday. Since many schools are out and the weather is great, he is in high demand. My office is still without power but a huge generator arrived today to power our entire building, so off to work I go tomorrow afternoon or Friday. We are very thankful that we were only inconvenienced by Ike and nothing else and that all of our friends and family are okay as well.

Here are some photos taken close to our home:

After we returned home, our dogs were exhausted from their evacuation trip. They slept all day (in A/C!).

I am supposed to have a doctor's appointment to check on Junior's progress tomorrow. I'll post an update if I am able to go, but an answering service is picking up at the doctor's so it is looking unlikely.