Sunday, May 25, 2008

Made in the shade

It's that time again. We found this smaller pool at PetsMart which seems perfect for Cooper.

Plus, we finally got an umbrella to shade our back porch, which will also help keep him cool this summer and it makes our backyard more inviting for BBQ get-togethers. Next on the list? New patio furniture - as you can see, the chair did not hold up very well when Shae sat it in. If only we had the camera a minute earlier!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


To go along with the new job, comes another change. After spending three hours a day in traffic Monday and Tuesday, I officially became a commuter - park in the new Park N Ride garage in Cypress, catch the 6:45am bus (with many other normal riders), and laugh as we pass all the others sitting in traffic as my bus zips by them in the HOV lane. My commute now? 30 minutes each way on the bus, plus another 10 minutes or so to get home.

And the new job? It is great! Very fast paced, something different every hour, and some sharp, creative coworkers. We build in 16 cities across the nation and I am responsible for half of my work coming soon to: Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Hilton Head., S.C., Charlotte, S.C., Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Basically anything written about us, comes from me for those cities - ad, advetorial (the ads that read like articles in the real estate section of your local newspaper), direct mail, postcards, billboards, etc...

Hope everyone has a great May!