Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Isn't it sad?

Is it not sad how our lives stop without internet and cell phones? Our wireless modem died a couple of weeks ago (hence the no blogging) and our new one is supposed to be delivered today by UPS. Our blog will be back up and running soon with some new updates and pictures from the past couple of weeks...which included a wedding, Thanksgiving, our puppy losing his 'manhood', our Ags winning the most important game of the year, a trip to the OC, and more....

And this past Saturday was our 8 month anniversary! Sounds like nothing but it seems like years since our wedding.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding. Several people have told us it looks like it could be in a magazine....yes, in case there was any doubt, we are that good!

Saturday, November 4, 2006


Pictures of our study below and the stories behind some of the items:
desk from Dash's cousin, clock made by Grandpa Connell, Aggie items, really cool computer chair

matching bookcase, lamp from Shae's Mimi (Hi Mimi!), stained glass dove made by Shae's boss as a wedding present


Here are a few pictures of our kitchen and the stories to go along with some things:

the dining table Shae and her dad made

baker's rack from the Connells that received a makeover, platter bought with Jillian's birthday present to Shae, and a painting by Shae's grandmother, Arta Jean - whom Shae (Arta Shae for those that don't know) was named after and who probably passed along some 'Martha Stewart' traits.

corian countertops, oak cabinets, tile blacksplash, energy star appliances, and our new fridge

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Halloween sPETacular

So we may be mean parents, but we dressed our dogs up for our first Halloween together. Maddy was the cutest bumble bee and Cooper was fittingly a football player since he tries to tackle or knock over anything that gets in his way. Here are a few pictures capturing the festivities:

Is that a smile on Maddy?

This was also Shae's first Halloween to have trick or treaters. It was such a joy to see the little kids trudge up to our front door in oversized costumes and mumble "Trick or treat" from underneath their masks. Though everytime we opened the door to get rid of our mountain of candy, mosquitos the size of hummingbirds would fly inside. In between each doorbell ring, I spent the time swatting the mammoth mosquitos. Anyone who know me well, knows that if there is a mosquito within a mile, it will find me and bite me. Just ask Ruth, my co in Hickory Creek - we did not leave our cabin without covering ourselves in Off Skintastic.