Thursday, June 29, 2006

Photos of the Model home

Here are a few pics of the model home of our floorplan. This will be very similiar to our house (minus the frills and floral for Dash's sake!). Enjoy!
The master bedroom in the model
The living room in the model home

Monday, June 26, 2006

A Growing Family!

A new home is not the only change for our small family. We knew before we got married that we wanted to get a second dog to keep our dog, Maddy, company while we were at work. Along with the decision to build a house, the decision to get a puppy was finalized. Why not potty train him in our apartment before we moved into a house with brand new carpet? Well, Cooper is a cutie and going to be huge. Maddy on the other hand is adjusting and learning how to be a fighter. Cooper has brought lots of laughs and some frustrating screams (he's a biter!).
And to Ruth and April, we hate to break it to you two...but this is as close as we will get to twins for a couple of years! :) Teaching 3 - 5 year olds in Sunday School has renewed our patience!

Our first home

The dirt, grass, and weeds on Sendera Oaks Lane outside of Houston will soon be replaced by our first home in a little less than four months. Dash and I feel beyond blessed by the opportunity God has given us to build a home so early in our marriage. I (Shae) created this blog to update our friends and family on our journey as newlyweds as well as to share pictures and stories along the way.

We got to pick out the lot - right across the street from the mail box! It's not huge, but plenty for Dash to mow.

Sold to the Connells!