Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer is here!

Friday marked the first official day of the hot Texas summer! What is a better way to celebrate than with a day at the beach? Thanks Ruth for joining me, even if we did get rained on a tad! I had a blast and if you decide you want me to go back and see if I can get our waiter's phone number for you, just let me know ... I think he would oblige. ;)

I reported for jury duty Monday afternoon and skimmed by not getting chosen to sit on a trial for aggravated robbery. So did Shane Battier of the Houston Rockets, who was in the same jury panel of 65 Harris County residents. Can you believe that only 18 - 22% of people who receive jury summons actually serve their civic duty?

With jury duty came a new appreciation for my nice commuter buses. I rode the Metro from work to downtown and it was a whole new ballgame. Gone were the plush seats and clean floors, replaced by disgruntled riders cursing out the driver and hard plastic seats. I am proud to say I made it back fine though, even if I did have to stand on the bus ride home to Cypress ... for 45 minutes in bouncy traffic. Another reason to miss College Station and the good Aggie gentlemen who always offered ladies their seats on the bus (even if it was after getting evil stares).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Proud Wife Moment

Dash and his guys dressed up as an 80's basketball team for one of the nights in Florida. It was a proud moment to see my husband in women's clothing ... and then another proud moment to learn it was all his idea ... and to cap it off, I was so proud to have the basketball team resurface just in time for church the Sunday after we got back.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Powdered sand beach is calling our names

Just a couple more days until we drive with 70+ high schoolers to Florida.

That one sentence could evoke panic in some, but we are very excited. Dash will be with his Junior guys - 8 plus Dash in one condo, sound familiar? - and Shae will be with a group of 10th grade girls. There will be theme nights, an Iron Chef contest, and plenty of sun ... so we will fill you in when we get back home to humid Houston!

Have a wonderful June!